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Guide to Customer Segmentation

Build Customer Segments to Reach the Right Customers

Customer behavior is changing faster and more frequently than ever. Companies that haven’t adapted are finding it harder to win and retain business. Customers are instead drawn to customer-centric companies, ones that know who they are, what they need, and how to reach them effectively.

Customer segmentation — breaking an audience into groups of customers with similar characteristics and preferences — helps companies understand and target their audience. This insight helps drive revenue and sales, increase bottom lines, and build an enhanced customer experience.

While successful customer segmentation can help organizations forge relationships with their audience, effectively segmenting customers can be a complex challenge.

This guide will equip you to leverage customer segments in your organization. You will learn how to:

Guide to customer segmentation

Effectively Target Your Most Valuable Buyers

With segmentation data, companies are 130% more likely to know their customers’ motivations and 60% more likely to understand their concerns and challenges

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