Higher Education Brand Health 101 Guide

To stand out from the competition, higher education marketing leaders know that articulating a distinctive college or university brand promise is imperative. To accomplish this, it’s critical to capture all the emotive associations connected to your institution — something rankings can’t measure. Yet, only half of colleges and universities have brand health tracking in place to measure their brand’s strength over time. Successfully measuring brand health means monitoring metrics that matter, analyzing brand tracking results, and regularly adjusting your brand strategy.

It’s not enough to have college or university branding; Your institution also needs to track its brand effectiveness over time. Continuous attention to your brand health will ensure you stay top of mind with today’s prospective students, most of whom are drawn to institutions that can clearly demonstrate their purpose and value.

Hanover’s Brand Health 101 Guide can help your institution use data to track its brand health, understand stakeholder engagement and perceptions, and capture a full picture of your performance.

Download our guide to learn how to:

Use data to measure and track your college or university brand strategy to capture more prospective student attention.

Assess Your Brand to Remain Top of Mind

Using a mix of survey research, competitive benchmarking, and qualitative feedback, you can paint a more complete picture of how stakeholders perceive your brand.

Measure your institution’s brand value to capture more prospective student attention.

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