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5 Strategies to Boost Grant Funding

Reach the next level of institutional grant funding success with these proven, data-informed practices

Across the higher education landscape, institutions are under more pressure than ever to grow their grant portfolios. Whether at a large research university or a small liberal arts college, institutional grantseeking is an essential, targeted way to advance a college or university’s strategic mission, values, and goals. But to reach the next level of grant funding success, grantseeking must be a purposeful and targeted process.

Download our guide, 5 Strategies to Boost Grant Funding, for proven, data-informed guidance to

  • Grow your campus grantseeking culture
  • Get grantwriting-ready
  • Expand faculty and staff capacity
  • Power up your proposals
  • Master large, complex grant submissions

A flourishing grantseeking culture must be planned for, nurtured, then celebrated. We’ve noted a pattern of success among institutions that integrate grantseeking into their strategic plans then act on best practices. When colleges and universities intentionally prioritize grantseeking, it motivates faculty and staff to learn how the process works, to pursue aligned funding opportunities, and to access support resources that lead to successful grantwriting outcomes.”

How to Upgrade Institutional Grantseeking on any Campus

Institutional grants in higher education generate funding pipelines for projects, programs, initiatives, and research innovations that might otherwise not be possible. And success breeds success, as even low-level grants can build momentum and generate additional opportunities for increasingly lucrative sources of external funding, including multi-million-dollar federal funds. 

However, to win more grants, higher education leaders must address both institutional capacity and the individual capabilities of faculty and staff. Even seasoned grantseeking institutions can take steps to enrich campus support for grants, improve grantwriting expertise, and dial up their grants infrastructure. 

No matter your institution’s size or budget, Hanover’s guide includes proven, practical, and data-informed practices to help you launch and sustain a thriving grantseeking operation for years to come.

Achieve more institutional grant funding success with our guide for higher education leaders

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