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5 Higher Ed Trends to Watch in the 2022–23 Academic Year

With higher education evolving quickly, college and university leaders are struggling to predict and respond to shifts in enrollment, finances, and the student experience. Refresh and inform your 2022–2023 strategic plans by gaining a wider view of this year’s emerging higher education trends.

Our infographic provides new insights you can use to reinvigorate your institution’s plans and prepare for a successful year ahead, even in a tumultuous environment.

Download 5 Higher Ed Trends to Watch to make confident decisions and gain a steady vision of the future with tips on: 

Stay on top of the latest trends in higher education enrollment, finances, and the student experience as you build your 2022-23 strategic plans

Inform your plans with data from emerging trends

To move forward with clarity and confidence, higher education leaders must regularly revisit their strategic pillars, stay attuned to market changes, and pivot as new opportunities arise.

Download the infographic to stay ready for whatever comes next in higher education.

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