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9 Tips to Attract Gen Z Students

Now in their teens and twenties, Generation Z (Gen Z) is spread across high school, college, and the workplace. With many young adults more skeptical than ever about the value of a college degree, it’s critical for colleges and universities to understand how prospective students today differ from previous generations. 

Hanover’s newly revised infographic, 9 Tips to Attract Gen Z Students, provides updated data on Gen Z’s motivations and expectations to help higher education institutions captivate and communicate more effectively with this generation. 

Download the infographic to:

  • Learn key facts about Gen Z’s preferences and priorities 
  • Understand Gen Z’s social, cultural, financial, and technological influences
  • Optimize your marketing, messaging, support services, and learning models to serve Gen Z 
  • Begin preparing to meet the next generation’s needs (Generation Alpha) 

More than 50% of Gen Z teens say they are open to pursuing something other than a four-year bachelor’s degree to prepare for their futures.” 

Recruit and Retain More Generation Z College Students 

In 2024, members of Gen Z are primarily between the ages of 14 and 29. Colleges and universities — many of which were established over a century ago — must understand what matters most to today’s prospective students and leverage that knowledge to continue to attract, enroll, and retain these students.  

Gen Z is diverse, technologically adept, altruistic, and optimistic about their personal futures. Yet they are also cost sensitive, debt averse, and have some reservations about the return on investment (ROI) of a college degree, especially after experiencing peak pandemic learning and/or working environments.  

To effectively engage Gen Z students, it’s more critical than ever for colleges and universities to adapt to this cohort’s post-secondary needs. Use the tips in this infographic to captivate and communicate more effectively with this current generation — and start to build your understanding of the one that follows (known as Generation Alpha). 

Generation Z has different needs and experiences than previous generations. Use Hanover's tips to attract more Gen Z students to your campus.

Build a Better College Experience for Gen Z

Download the infographic to learn what motivates and brings Gen Z to campus

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