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Preventing Student Dropout Toolkit

Compared to students with only a high school education, college graduates earn significantly more money throughout their lifetime, receive benefits and better career opportunities, and enjoy greater job security and satisfaction, making it vital for schools to understand how to help their students reach graduation.

With only 45% of students graduating from college, the United States’ graduation rate lags behind that of most developed countries. According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), U.S. college graduation rates rank 19th out of the 28 countries studied. The average dropout owes upwards of $7,000 with no diploma to show for their education.

The college dropout epidemic is causing students to become burdened by significant debt, lose precious time, and earn less in their careers than their counterparts with degrees, making this a critical issue for schools to address.

This toolkit contains strategies to help you

Preventing Student Dropout

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Flexible scheduling and learning opportunities outside the classroom can motivate students to stay enrolled; a mix of part-time and full time enrollment was found to boost graduation rates of non-first-time community college students by 16%.

This toolkit provides solutions to address three areas of student support


Identify areas where your institution can improve course delivery and scheduling options, ensure students are prepared for college, and provide additional learning opportunities outside of the classroom


Understand how to allocate financial assistance into emergency aid grants, improve financial aid offices, and alleviate location and transportation costs.

Student Engagement

Learn where you can increase access to student counseling and support services.

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