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Top 10 Degrees on the Rise in 2024

Building a portfolio of sustainable academic degree programs is a key aspect of growing enrollment. Colleges and universities facing enrollment challenges may wonder if launching new academic programs will increase revenue. For that to be true, institutions must first understand which degree programs and career paths are on the rise. 

Optimizing your institution’s current academic programs and launching new ones requires a thorough analysis of student demand data and labor market trends. Institutional leaders who carefully consider student and employer demand can successfully boost enrollment and improve program cost efficiency.

Download the Top 10 Degrees on the Rise in 2024 to learn about: 

  • The fastest-growing bachelor’s and master’s degrees in the U.S.
  • The fastest-growing occupations 
  • Trending areas of study 
  • Recent online search engine trends 

High-performing institutions that closely monitor student and labor market trends are able to identify new areas for program expansion and maximize their portfolio of existing programs. 

The Need for Academic Program Portfolio Reviews in Higher Education

Growing sustainable undergraduate or graduate degree programs takes more than slick marketing campaigns or strong teaching talent. To ensure your college or university is offering the right mix of academic programs that will attract and retain students, it’s essential to optimize your institution’s academic portfolio.  

In fact, today’s challenging higher education landscape calls for ongoing comprehensive academic portfolio reviews that incorporate a thorough analysis of both student demand data and evolving labor market trends. A combined approach ensures that your institution is able to keep pace with current employer needs, identify emerging workforce opportunities, and attune to future students’ interests and preferences. 

In this infographic, we investigate the top 10 degree programs and top 10 occupations that are capturing student and employer attention in 2024. Use this information to help you maximize enrollment gains at your institution. 

Compare this year’s results to the 2023 Top 10 Degrees. 

Find out how your top academic programs compare to this list of the top 10 degrees capturing student and employer attention in 2024.

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Download the infographic to see this year's fastest-growing programs and careers.

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