How to Measure Customer Satisfaction

Customers today have increased expectations for companies and are more willing to switch brands to get the products and services they want. In fact, in a recent study, we found that 44% of customers are open to trying new brands, even if they generally like the ones they currently use.  

Understand and evaluate your customers’ satisfaction with our infographic – How to Measure Customer Satisfaction. This infographic provides a framework for companies to analyze the four key customer satisfaction metrics: 

  1. General satisfaction  
  2. Customer perception 
  3. Customer loyalty  
  4. Likelihood to recommend  


These metrics reveal the cognitive, perceptional, and behavioral factors behind satisfaction, allowing you to identify and alter core aspects of your products, services, and experience to better meet customer expectations. 

Are Your Customers Satisfied?

Only 23% of customers are very satisfied with their customer experience.

Download the infographic to learn how to measure your customers' satisfaction

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