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AI Best Practices in K-12 Education

Artificial intelligence (AI) is already changing teaching and learning in schools, with educators and students leading the way. However, without guardrails, AI can disrupt classroom learning, threaten academic integrity, and increase data privacy concerns. District leaders must set a path for the appropriate use and integration of this powerful technology now. 

Download our new infographic for recommendations for establishing a research-based AI framework: 

  • Understand the implications of AI in schools
  • Five steps to systematically build district expertise and guidance
  • Tips to help teachers and students use AI responsibly

In traditional classroom settings, teaching methods and learning approaches have changed minimally in the past several decades. As AI quickly takes root in society, it will take time, resources, and a collective mind shift to properly integrate it into schools.

Integrating Artificial Intelligence Technology in Schools

Technology integration in K–12 schools is not new. Just as incorporating calculators and laptops in the classroom were once experimental or controversial, AI is yet another tool that can be introduced to enhance – but not replace – student learning and teacher instruction.  

Yet, to integrate AI technology into schools effectively, administrators, teachers, and students need strong conceptual frameworks that encourage research-based strategies and learning goals.  

While some districts have attempted to ban artificial intelligence in educational settings, it’s clear this technology is here to stay and is already reshaping education. A more promising approach is to establish guidelines that can be adapted over time. However, if many administrators lack personal experience with AI, how can they develop effective, future-proof guidance for its use?

It’s up to district leaders to learn more about AI, then help demystify it for all district community members. This means taking steps now to thoughtfully consider how to best integrate this technology appropriately and ethically into schools, starting with this infographic.

Districts need to develop artificial intelligence guidance. Use this infographic for the latest AI best practices for integrating K-12 AI technology .

Build a future-proof AI framework

Download the infographic to navigate AI's rapid changes.

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