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K-12 Data Literacy Checklist

Data can tell a vital story about K–12 challenges and how to solve them. All teachers, staff, and administrators can learn to use data effectively to set goals, measure changes, discover patterns, and track outcomes — if they fortify their data literacy skills. 

Our newly updated Data Literacy Checklist provides a framework you can use right away to draw meaningful insights from any data you encounter in your school or district. 

Download the K–12 Data Literacy Checklist infographic to: 

  • Learn how data literacy helps you make better decisions 
  • Implement a six-step protocol to collect and evaluate data systematically 
  • Access fillable worksheets to organize your data planning process

“Data literacy — the ability to effectively access, interpret, use, and share data — is a critical skill for K–12 educators. Whether at the classroom, school, or district level, making solid decisions requires going beyond perceptions and relying on evidence and facts.”

K-12 Data Collection and Evaluation Is Part of Every Educator’s Job

Data can be found everywhere in school districts: in student records, test scores, learning management systems, budget spreadsheets, survey results, teachers’ gradebooks, and more. But having district data alone is not enough. Teachers, staff, and administrators need to know how to interpret and use that data to assess program quality, set annual goals, measure progress, and inform better decision-making.

When school and district employees have strong data literacy skills and prioritize a regular practice of data evaluation, they drive better outcomes. And yet, most teacher preparation or educational leadership programs don’t teach data literacy skills. 

This means K–12 districts don’t always have resources to interpret and act on data in an ongoing, systematic way. However, with a continuous improvement mindset and a few key data literacy tools, educators and leaders can learn how to leverage the data at their fingertips to make more informed decisions that maximize student learning and success.

K-12 data is everywhere but teachers and staff need to develop data literacy skills to put it to good use.

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