K–12 Instructional Audit Roadmap

In recent years districts have adopted many new programs and interventions, thanks to the availability of ESSER funds. Now, in the face of academic recovery challenges and shrinking budgets, district leaders must know which new programs and instructional practices are working and how to improve those that aren’t. A structured, district-wide instructional audit is an effective way to assess curriculum and instruction. But investigating instruction on a large scale takes time and expertise that many district leaders don’t have. 

Hanover Research’s K–12 Instructional Audit Roadmap provides you with an easy-to-use systematic framework to improve student and teacher outcomes by: 

  • Understanding current instructional practices 
  • Identifying opportunities to make progress on strategic goals 
  • Uncovering risks that could delay academic recovery 
  • Laying the groundwork for effective program evaluations 

“Hanover’s research indicates that district leaders can expedite student achievement progress by implementing a structured approach to curriculum and instruction. An instructional audit is one way we recommend assessing and planning for improved learning and teaching outcomes.” 

What is an Instructional Audit? 

An instructional audit is a framework for systematically reviewing the current state of instruction, measuring teacher efficacy, and identifying ways to strengthen student learning.  

It’s a continuous improvement practice that helps district leaders identify root causes for persistent achievement and opportunity gaps and understand how to plan curriculum-based instruction that will facilitate the greatest academic outcomes for students.  

District-wide instructional audits can complement individual program evaluations or more specific curriculum audits to help district leaders understand which instructional approaches are worthy of continued investment. When it is aligned with a district’s strategic goals, an instructional audit is a critical tool that can maximize strategic, data-driven results around teaching and learning. 

Hanover’s roadmap will pave the way for districts to collect the right data and ask the right questions to begin planning for improvements that will strengthen student achievement.

School districts can conduct a K12 instructional audit to measure teaching and learning goals and improve student outcomes

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