Step-by-Step Guide to K–12 Program Evaluations

Conducting K–12 program evaluations and making strategic program improvements is more important than ever, but finding the time to do it effectively is a never-ending challenge for most district and school leaders. To maximize program investments, districts must continuously examine the impact on student learning and look for ways to improve outcomes. So how can district leaders make time to ensure programs are high-quality and meaningful?

The first step begins with assessing your district’s readiness for program evaluation and knowing when to complete it. Hanover Research has developed a tool to demystify K–12 program evaluations and program improvement work at every stage, from planning to execution.

Position your district’s programs and initiatives for success by developing a clear, evidence-based plan with the help of our Step-by-Step Guide to Program Evaluation.



Download this planning tool to simplify the process for K–12 program evaluations and assess your readiness to:

K–12 program evaluations and program improvements are critical ways to improve district operations and ensure student success

Learn how to prepare for effective K–12 program evaluations

Each step in the evaluation process will prove critical in assessing your program’s value and success — and each step requires preparation of its own.

Download the guide now to plan for successful K–12 program evaluations.

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