Key Findings in District Program Evaluations

Faced with an uncertain financial future due to COVID-19, districts can expect to experience budgetary pressures during the 2020-21 school year and beyond. Districts will have to make difficult budgetary choices, determining which programs to launch or expand and which initiatives to scale back or perhaps discontinue altogether.

Districts that regularly and systematically evaluate program performance can make these decisions based on an understanding of which initiatives have the greatest impact and offer the greatest return on investment. Other districts may find themselves making budgetary cuts based on information that is, at best, incomplete, or at worst, misleading.

Hanover Research launched a national survey of K-12 administrators to understand how districts evaluate programs. Download our brief, Key Findings in District Program Evaluations, to gain insights into:

  • The types of programs most commonly evaluated and why
  • Methodologies typically used in program evaluations
  • The top barriers for evaluation and how to build internal capacity

Download the brief today!

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