National Survey School District Operations: Fall 2020 Survey Results

Districts must regularly gather school stakeholder feedback to ensure virtual learning success and understand their experiences with online teaching and learning.

Hanover Research launched a national survey in September 2020 of K-12 teachers and parents with children currently enrolled in K-12 schools. The survey of 1,039 respondents, focused on understanding experiences and satisfaction with teaching and learning during fall 2020. The survey contains responses from students and teachers in online, in-person, and hybrid learning environments.

This brief surveyed teachers and parents to understand their perceptions on:

national district operations survey

Review findings from the School District Operations Survey

Overall satisfaction with instruction is highest for those participating in in-person learning. Teachers are significantly less satisfied with online instruction than parents; however, there are no significant differences in satisfaction between teachers and parents for in-person and hybrid instruction.

Download this brief to understand the steps in tackling academic and administrative challenges to ensure that students, parents, and staff have the tools they need to ensure all students succeed.

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