Critical Pitfalls of the NPD Process

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New product development (NPD) plays a pivotal role as the primary driver of corporate organic growth, yet almost half of new products launched will fail within the first year. The key to a successful product launch is the rigor of the NPD process itself.

Download Hanover’s Critical Pitfalls of New Product Development Process to understand how to generate new product ideas, refine existing products, price products, and develop go-to-market strategies with qualitative and quantitative research, including concept testing, market opportunity, product testing, and shopper experience analysis.

When you’re ready for the next step in your product lifecycle, Hanover Research can help.

You Will Learn

critical pitfalls of the new product development process

Avoid common NPD mistakes

Hanover’s predictions and estimates were right in line with the actual price tradeoff and acquisition rates we experienced during the product launch. Our leadership team regularly says that this is the most heavily and thoroughly researched NPD launch that they’ve ever been part of.

Kevin Manzel, Director of Innovation, The Teaching Company

Discover the ways executives inadvertently risk NPD resources by falling into any number of critical process pitfalls.

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