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To ensure continuity of learning during the current health crisis, closed school districts across the country are implementing distance learning plans and shifting instruction online. As districts make this shift, it is important to evaluate access gaps and provide the necessary support for students and teachers navigating a non-traditional learning environment.

At this juncture, it is most important that teachers do their best given the tools available to them and remember that, despite the isolation of teaching online, colleagues and school systems should still be available to provide support.  Understanding the implications of this new reality, Hanover Research has synthesized this toolkit to support teachers in adapting to online platforms and the novel considerations for planning, instruction, and assessment that accompany them.

Download the toolkit for:

  • Strategies to determine the availability and capabilities of online instructional resources
  • Effective pedagogies and instructional practices essential for a successful online learning format
  • An inventory of open educational resources and additional best practice guidelines on online instruction

Download the toolkit today!


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