Staff Well-Being Check-In Toolkit

Teacher burnout, stress, and turnover are on the rise. In fact, 73% of K–12 teachers report experiencing job-related stress. 59% say they’re dealing with burnout. And 28% say they have symptoms of depression. The numbers are similar for principals and staff. Between school violence, pandemic-related hardships, politicization, and staff shortages, it’s unsurprising that teachers and staff are questioning — and ultimately leaving — their professions.

Consequently, attrition is exacerbating the teacher shortages many districts were already experiencing before the pandemic and, as a result, making an already stressful job even more so. Meanwhile, even if teachers remain in their roles, their stress and burnout could have negative consequences not just for them, but for everyone around them. 

To keep them in the classroom — and ensure they’re fully able to give students their best — school districts must do everything they can to recognize teacher burnout and mitigate job-related stress before it’s too late.

Download our Staff Well-Being Check-In Toolkit and learn how to better support your teachers and staff by:

Prevent teacher and staff burnout and turnover with this Staff Well-Being Check-In Toolkit

Help Teachers and Staff Feel More Valued

Teachers influence student achievement more than any other school-based factor. Improving teachers’ well-being enables them to be more effective in the classroom and form more positive relationships with students and colleagues. As stress levels decrease and morale improves, teachers also typically have fewer absences and less turnover.

Download the toolkit to protect your district's teacher and staff well-being.

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