Preventing Student Dropout

Compared to students with only high school education, college graduates earn significantly more money throughout their lifetime, receive benefits and better career opportunities, and enjoy greater job security and satisfaction, making it vital for schools to understand how to help their students reach graduation.

With only 45% of students graduating from college, the United States’ graduation rate lags behind that of most developed countries. We created Preventing Student Dropout Toolkit so educators can learn how to address the three top factors contributing to attrition:

  1. Academic: Identify areas where the institution can improve course delivery and scheduling options, ensure students are prepared for college, and provide additional learning opportunities outside of the classroom
  2. Financial: Understand how to allocate financial assistance into emergency aid grants, improve financial aid offices, and alleviate location and transportation costs
  3. Student Engagement: Learn where you can increase access to student counseling and support services

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