Best Practices for Measuring Social-Emotional Learning

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Best Practices for Measuring Social Emotional Learning Ebook

Social-emotional learning (SEL) skills have been shown to positively impact students’ classroom performance and college and career readiness, and a 2016 survey found that most teachers now favor SEL over other non-academic measures of student learning. Formal assessment of SEL outcomes enable districts to measure and increase students’ SEL skills and sends an important message to students, teachers, and the school community that non-academic outcomes are a priority. However, measuring SEL is challenging, as it is an emerging field and can be defined in many ways. Download the research brief, Best Practices for Measuring Social-Emotional Learning to learn ways that schools can effectively measure SEL. The research brief contains important insight into establishing a measurement protocol for SEL including:

  • Tips for identifying and prioritizing meaningful SEL skills for assessment
  • Examples of core SEL competencies
  • An overview of the different measurement approaches for SEL and when to use them
  • A detailed checklist for developing SEL assessments

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