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Solving K-12 Professional Learning Challenges in 2023

Although school districts have made significant investments in educator professional learning over the past decade, these efforts have not always resulted in improved outcomes for students or increased retention rates for teachers and staff. For professional learning to advance employee growth and positively impact students, it must be meaningful, ongoing, and tied to real practices. So, how can district leaders be assured their professional learning programs will lead to lasting changes? 

Use Hanover’s professional learning best practices to get the most out of your 2023–24 planning. 

Download our infographic, Solving K–12 Professional Learning Challenges in 2023, to avoid the most common pitfalls with tips on how to: 

  • Match learning to current teacher and staff needs 
  • Impact employees’ everyday practices 
  • Design a mix of cost-effective tools and methods 
  • Integrate learning into existing schedules and workloads 

“Simply carving out time and space for professional learning does not guarantee it will be effective. Instead, professional learning must motivate employees, encourage collaboration, and integrate authentically into their daily practice.” 

Professional Learning for Teachers that Leads to Lasting Results 

Research-based learning models, teacher and staff input and evaluation, reflection activities, flexible learning platforms, collaboration, and a climate of continuous learning are all necessary ingredients for effective and authentic professional learning for district employees that will lead to positive outcomes for students.  

The more interactive, tailored, and ongoing professional learning is, the more effectively teachers and staff will recall and apply what they’ve learned. For best results, districts should use a combination of embedded and standalone professional development opportunities throughout the year. Online platforms, such as Hanover’s Educator Learning Center, can offer a cost-effective way to augment or replace existing professional development activities and accelerate district and employee goals with flexible, evidence-based online learning.

District leaders can address K12 teacher and staff professional learning challenges with tips and best practices from Hanover.

Build professional learning that leads to lasting results

Download the infographic now to optimize your professional learning plans for the 2023–24 school year.

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