Staff Well-Being Check-In Toolkit

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Teacher well-being has suffered from the COVID-19 pandemic with 80% of teachers indicating burnout as a moderate or major concern. By regularly checking in with teachers and staff, district and school leaders can show their educators they care, connect them to additional supports they need, and reduce the chance of attrition.

Hanover Research created the Staff Well-Being Check-In Toolkit to help district leaders reduce—and ultimately prevent—burnout by conducting compassionate check-ins on teacher and staff well-being.

This toolkit helps districts improve staff wellness by:

Improve Staff Wellness with Regular Check-ins

Teachers influence student achievement more than any other school-based factor. To effectively support students, teachers need to feel physically, mentally, and emotionally well. Improving teachers’ well-being enables them to be more effective in the classroom and form more positive relationships with students and colleagues. As stress levels decrease and morale improves, teachers also typically have fewer absences and less turnover.

Download the toolkit to learn four effective ways to prevent teacher burnout.

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