k-12 staff well-being check-ins during covid-19

The COVID-19 pandemic and resulting quarantines and shutdowns require school staff to help children and families cope with crisis, with staff often finding themselves providing supports that extend beyond an educator’s standard training and expertise.

School personnel, particularly those who fail to engage in self-care or monitor their own response to the crisis, are therefore at increased risk of burnout or secondary traumatic stress. To support managers in their efforts to mitigate these outcomes, Hanover Research created this brief, Staff Well-Being Check-Ins During COVID-19, providing best practices to help ensure that staff members receive the support they need during this uncertain time.

Download the brief to learn how to support your staff by:

  • Monitoring staff well-being and recognizing warning signs
  • Providing supports and/or resources
  • Creating a culture that acknowledges and normalizes staff reactions

Download the brief today!

Hanover Research