A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Comprehensive Academic Portfolio Review

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Declining enrollments, the shifting demographics of college students, and the budgetary and enrollment impacts of COVID-19 have left many academic leaders contemplating how well their institutions are positioned to meet the demands of a changing educational landscape.

For many institutions, preparing for the future begins with proactively evaluating their academic offerings now. Colleges and universities want to know if they are offering the “right” programs to stabilize and grow enrollment, where they should invest their limited resources, and if they can sustain all of their programs as currently offered. In short, they are looking to complete a comprehensive academic review.

Hanover’s Academic Portfolio Review Guide helps higher education leaders position their institution for success by unpacking the elements of a data-informed portfolio review process.

This guide will help higher education leaders:

6 Steps to Position Campus Leaders for Future Success

While some think of a portfolio review as a reactive process to be undertaken only when a college or university is facing an urgent need for immediate change, portfolio reviews are better completed as part of proactive, long-term strategic planning. Assessing programs within a larger higher education context allows for thoughtful program revisions, new program development, resource reallocation, marketing adjustments, and structural changes, among other actions.

Download the guide to learn the 6 steps to follow for a data-informed portfolio review.

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