Successful K-12 Program Implementation Toolkit

Behind every new program is a wealth of good intentions. But it takes more than that to build and launch high-quality, successful K–12 programs. When district and school leaders implement new programs to support students and staff, it’s critical that they have a clear process to follow to ensure they are executed faithfully and with the highest chances of success. Yet it can take significant resources to identify a new program and adopt it correctly across a school or district. 

Hanover Research created the Successful Program Implementation Toolkit to help K–12 leaders thoughtfully plan, establish, and sustain their new programs. Using a three-phase approach, this toolkit can help you navigate a successful program implementation process that will help your students and staff flourish. 

Download Hanover’s Successful Program Implementation Toolkit to learn how to:

Successful program implementation begins with learning now to implement new programs using three key steps

Learn the steps to launch any new programming

Following these steps consistently will ensure you achieve implementation fidelity — or integrity — any time your school or district begins a new program.

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