Supporting Successful High School Transitions

The high school transition is a critical and challenging time for students, and many refer to 9th grade as a “make-or-break” year for student success.

In this Research Brief, Supporting Successful High School Transitions, Hanover highlights best practices for supporting students before, during, and after high school to improve graduation rates and academic outcomes.

Developing a comprehensive system of student supports including

K-12 Supporting Successful High School Transitions

Create a strong system of transitions support

Students who fail even a single freshman year course are significantly less likely to graduate than their peers who pass all of their freshman year courses. National data reveal an enrollment decrease between ninth grade and tenth grade, attributed partially to students dropping out of high school altogether in, or after, ninth grade. Over 10% of enrolled ninth graders nationally repeat the year entirely.

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To prepare students in middle school by connecting with families, identifying at-risk students, and regularly communicating


High school advising and support strategies are most effective when the transition to high school occurs


Summer bridge programs prevent summer learning loss and provide an invaluable opportunity for students to catch-up

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