Systemic Implementation of Equity Toolkit

As schools plan for the upcoming academic year amid COVID-19, district leaders are tasked with ensuring that all students have equal opportunities to succeed while managing the challenges of the new learning environment.

To support districts as they take their first steps toward prioritizing equity, Hanover Research created the Systemic Implementation of Equity Toolkit. This toolkit includes guiding questions to support district leaders and equity committee members in guiding initial conversations around equity and profiles districts that have successfully implemented these strategies with fidelity.

You Will Learn

k12 systemic implementation of equity

Prioritize Incorporating Equity

The process of implementing equity systemically and sustainably across a district involves effective leadership, a safe and supportive environment, family and community engagement, effective educators, and student access and opportunity. Districts must develop systems that allow the individuals involved in each of these elements to work together to produce systemic change related to equity.

Download this toolkit, to review the current literature on best practices, practical recommendations, and actionable strategies of systemwide equity integration.

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