Tackle the Top Drivers of Teacher Attrition

Teacher retention is an increasingly significant but complex issue for K-12 districts. More teachers are choosing to leave the profession, with the teacher supply shortage expected to reach 200,000+ by 2025. Districts on average pay $21,000 to fill a teacher vacancy, making it crucial for them to learn how to retain their teachers.

From increased recruitment costs to a weakened sense of community, high turnover hurts teachers, administrators, students, and families. To retain highly qualified staff and reduce attrition, districts can monitor their teachers’ satisfaction with their school through effective data analyses.

This infographic, Tackle the Top Drivers of Teacher Attrition, discusses:

  • How teacher attrition affects the entire school community
  • The top factors that drive teachers to leave the profession
  • How districts can retain their teachers through data analyses and continuous monitoring

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