The 2021 State of Prospective Student Enrollment

Between ongoing economic challenges, new and more dangerous COVID-19 variants, and fluctuating instructional environments, the higher education landscape is facing a wave of uncertainty and evolution—including how these factors might affect future enrollment.

Even as they grow more accustomed to the “new normal” of social distancing and remote learning, today’s prospective college students have significant questions and concerns about the safety, value, and accessibility of higher education. To better understand how the pandemic is affecting their academic plans, Hanover Research conducted a national survey of more than 800 current U.S. high school sophomores and juniors who are considering undergraduate programs in 2022 or 2023.

Download the 2021 State of Prospective Student Enrollment report for a look into the factors influencing:

Recruit More Prospective Students by Addressing Their Top Concerns

Our study found that though most prospective students remain equally likely to enroll in college (85%), they are incorporating new considerations into their decision-making process. Not only are they paying greater attention to financial and academic factors, they’re also demonstrating greater concern about social and health issues than in the past.

Download the report to learn how finances, the pandemic, and other evolving factors are affecting students' college choices.

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