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The 2022 State of Alumni Giving Report

When COVID-19 threw higher education into a tailspin in 2020, no one knew what the effects would be on alumni giving — especially given the pandemic’s economic impact. As it turns out, alumni across the nation stepped up, with charitable giving increasing nearly 7% in 2021.  

Download the 2022 State of Alumni Giving Report to learn:

  • Four common characteristics of alumni donors 
  • What motivates them to give 
  • How they prefer to engage with their alma mater 
  • How they think their education impacted their career paths

46% of donors say they give to make education more affordable for current and future students 

With higher education enrollment revenue on the decline and grant funding in high demand, alumni financial gifts are more meaningful than ever. But to win them, higher education fundraising leaders must have a deeper understanding of their alumni, including what drives them to give and how to reach them.

Everyone’s academic undergraduate experience is unique, as are their career paths and reasons to donate. But among those who give eagerly and often, there are clear common traits that institutions must recognize when targeting all alumni.  

51% of donors cite a desire to “give back” as the top motivation for giving in the future 

Donors are compelled to give back when they’re emotionally motivated by a positive academic experience, when they believe their education prepared them for a future career, and when they feel connected to the institution and its networks of people. To that end, these alumni (and many non-donors, too) want to remain connected to their campus via electronic and in-person outreach several times per year. 

To help higher education leaders accomplish this, Hanover Research surveyed over 1,100 U.S. alumni in August 2022. The resulting report — the 2022 State of Alumni Giving — offers meaningful insights into donor behaviors and habits, particularly why they give, how often, and which individuals are most likely to do so.  

Every gift makes a difference, but many alumni don’t always realize the impact of their donation on their alma mater.  

Alumni giving is more important to institutions than ever before. It's critical for colleges and universities to understand what drives graduates to donate financially.

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