The State of Social-Emotional Learning in K–12 Public Schools

The 2022 academic year was expected to be a year of healing and rebounding. From the COVID-19 pandemic to virtual learning and social unrest, school districts around the nation have found themselves navigating difficult waters as they strive to provide students with the resources they need in order to thrive — both today and for years to come. Today, more than ever, we’re realizing that social-emotional learning will be critical to achieving that.

Between 2018 and 2021, leaders at 13 school districts commissioned Hanover research to administer an SEL survey developed to help districts understand their communities’ perceptions of SEL competency—from parents and students to faculty, staff, and district leadership. Based on their responses (more than 15,000 in total), this report examines the current state of SEL across K–12 education.

Download the report, The Current State of Social-Emotional Learning in K–12 Public Schools to learn:

The Current State of Social and Emotional Learning in Public Schools

Support Your Students Socially, Emotionally, and Academically

While the majority of teachers agree that SEL should be a high priority, a significantly lower percentage feel confident in their ability to develop the competencies in their students.

Download the report to positively impact students’ social, emotional, academic, and behavioral outcomes.

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