Customer journey maps are an important business investment for generating ROI across an organization. Organizations use and derive the most value from journey maps in areas that impact key initiatives, such as increasing customer satisfaction, prioritizing communication touchpoints, and refining product and services development specifically to meet customer needs. .

Organizations realize more value from customer journey maps when they are integrated across the organization—but many still avoid developing journey maps due to the upfront investment, not knowing how to build a comprehensive map, or not understanding their value.

To help demystify how organizations use and benefit from customer journey maps, Hanover Research surveyed business leaders to understand how they harness journey maps across business initiatives. This infographic breaks down the most common uses for customer journey maps and identifies which areas carry the highest value for organizations

Check out the infographic to learn:

  • How customer journey maps help organizations accomplish high-impact activities, such as developing customer loyalty and determining the ROI of marketing/ad spend
  • Three areas of emerging opportunity where customer journey maps can make a significant impact on business decisions
  • Four action steps to take to successfully integrate journey maps into your organization

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