The State of Mapping the Customer Journey

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Customer journey maps visualize the journey your customers take on their path to purchase, providing critical insights into how they make purchasing decisions. Journey maps harness valuable insights to illustrate the complete buying experience at an individual level: what matters most to customers, what they want to achieve, and what the organization can do to meet their needs.

However, mapping the customer journey is a large undertaking, requiring significant investment and organization-wide buy-in. Without securing C-suite approval and incorporating the journey map across departments, organizations can miss out on many of the benefits customer journey maps can provide.

To help organizations understand how to best leverage customer journey maps, we surveyed 422 business leaders to determine how they approach creating their journey maps and the value these maps provide across their organizations.

Download our latest brief, The State of Mapping the Customer Journey, to learn:

  • How organizations create customer journey maps and who they choose to build them
  • The top goals customer journey maps help organizations achieve—from increased customer satisfaction to allocation of marketing and ad spend
  • Best practices to incorporate as you create your own customer journey map

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