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The State of Prospective Student Enrollment: COVID-19’s Impact on High School Students’ Academic Plans

COVID-19 has increased the enrollment challenges facing many higher education institutions in both the short- and long-term. From attracting to matriculating and retaining students, the pandemic has the potential to make each of these points in the enrollment process even more difficult in the coming years. COVID-19 will especially affect prospective students, as the fall-out from the pandemic is impacting a wide array of factors that influence program selection.

To support these efforts, Hanover Research recently launched a Prospective Student Survey to more than 1,000 current high school sophomores and juniors planning to pursue post-secondary education.

You Will Learn

the state of prospective student enrollment covid-19

Learn how COVID-19 has affected prospective students

Traditional student enrollment is on a years-long downward trend, and institutions need to do all they can to maximize applicants. While most high school students have made a decision one way or the other on their likelihood of continuing their education, nearly a quarter are not so sure—indicating they are moderately likely to enroll.

Download this brief to seize the opportunity to learn, meet, and address student concerns in these uncertain times.

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