Top 10 Degrees on the Rise in 2022

Launching a new program can seem like a quick fix for enrollment challenges, but unless an institution weighs it against the labor market, it may not actually bring in new students or increase revenues. By evaluating your institution’s academic portfolio against in-demand career paths, however, college and university leaders can boost enrollment and improve cost efficiency.

Producing successful, in-demand degree and certificate programs requires a thorough, combined analysis of student demand data and labor market trends. In this infographic, we look at the top academic programs and occupations capturing student and employer attention in 2022.

Download the Top 10 Degrees on the Rise in 2022 to learn about:

top 10 degrees on the rise 2022

Launch the programs that students and employers want.

Four of the top 10 fastest-growing undergraduate degrees are multi- or interdisciplinary, revealing student interest in programs that combine the study of multiple fields.

Download the infographic to create an academic portfolio that excites students and employers alike.

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