Top Career Skills for New Grads in 2023

The skills needed in the workforce are shifting rapidly. Employers are looking for college graduates who not only have the latest hard skill training, but also possess soft skills such as communication, problem-solving, and collaboration. To set students up for long-term career success, colleges and universities must ensure their degrees and curricular experiences align with changing employment outlook data and market demands.  

Download our infographic Top Career Skills for New Grads in 2023 to learn about emerging employer trends, including: 

  • The top 10 in-demand professions for college graduates 
  • The college experiences employers value most 
  • The certifications, hard skills, and soft skills that accelerate career placement 

“Employers are more likely to consider hiring recent college graduates if they have engaged in particular applied learning experiences or developed key skills.” 

College Degrees Matter, But So Do Skills

Increasingly, employers are looking for key skillsets in job candidates, not just a degree. When a hiring manager must decide between two equally qualified candidates, they often look for specific skills and experiences, such as internships, industry experience, or evidence of relevant soft skills to tip the scale. 

Equipping future graduates with the most in-demand skills and learning experiences not only improves their employment outlook, but it also secures an institution’s ability to maintain viable academic programs with strong career placement rates. Tracking the occupations with the highest growth potential is the first step in ensuring relevant skills and training are embedded in an institution’s academic programming.

Get the latest employment outlook data to build academic programs that help college graduates succeed in future workplaces and jobs.

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