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Trends in B2B Marketing: 2018

Dramatic changes are hitting B2B organizations: a shift to eCommerce, the rise of the Millennial decision-maker, and the advent of the Maker Movement and the Internet of Things have shifted the way companies make, distribute, and sell their offerings.
The Trends in B2B Marketing: 2018 report unpacks the issues confronting B2B companies and highlights how savvy organizations use market intelligence and analytics to get ahead of a rapidly changing market, foster innovation, and drive growth.


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Discover Changing Trends In B2B Marketing

AR, the ability to integrate digital data into a real experience, is predicted to become an $117.5B industry by 2022. A fast growing marketing tool, companies across industries are harnessing this technology to engage with consumers—from virtual hotel tours to placements of home furnishings and vacation trip previews.

Gain insight into the five biggest trends impacting B2B companies in 2018 and learn how savvy companies adapt to a rapidly shifting landscape

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