Trends in Consumer Marketing: 2018

Gain insight into the five biggest trends impacting brands in 2018 and learn how savvy companies adapt to stand out in a crowded market

More than half a decade into the Age of the Customer, consumer-facing brands continue to face challenges and opportunities brought on by a radical shift in customer expectations and a rapidly evolving technology landscape.

The Trends in Consumer Marketing: 2018 report unpacks the issues confronting B2C companies and highlights how savvy brands use market intelligence and analytics to get ahead of a rapidly changing market, delight and retain customers, and drive growth.

Based on an analysis of more than 500 research studies conducted in 2017, the report will reveal:

  • How B2C brands are taking B2B Ecommerce by storm
  • Why Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, and real-time behavior tracking are driving new opportunities to measure consumer engagement
  • Experiential marketing tactics will be the most effective in reaching Millennials and Gen Z
  • Why socially-responsible products are here to stay
  • How retailers are leveraging in-store tracking to optimize sales

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