Trends in Consumer Marketing: 2018

More than half a decade into the Age of the Customer, consumer-facing brands continue to face challenges and opportunities brought on by a radical shift in customer expectations and a rapidly evolving technology landscape.

The Trends in Consumer Marketing: 2018 report unpacks the issues confronting B2C companies and highlights how savvy brands use market intelligence and analytics to get ahead of a rapidly changing market, delight and retain customers, and drive growth.

You Will Learn


Gain Insight Into Trends Shaping Consumer Marketing

While corporate social responsibility has grown in the past decade, in the coming year it will transition from a premium or luxury attribute to a baseline consumer expectation. Millennials and Gen-Z exhibit strong preferences for brands and products that are socially responsible and will pay premium prices for them...In an era of over saturation, the socially responsible narrative behind a product can be a powerful mechanism to influence purchase and engender brand loyalty

Gain insight into the five biggest trends impacting brands in 2018 and learn how savvy companies adapt to stand out in a crowded market

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