Trends in Higher Education 2019 - Higher Education Trends

The rate of change in higher education is accelerating, forcing institutions to rethink the way they operate. From the strategies for retaining international students to the introduction of virtual campus experiences, and the addition of chief diversity officers, institutions that cannot adapt face mergers, acquisition, or even closure if they cannot remain viable.

The TRENDS IN HIGHER EDUCATION: 2019 report unpacks the issues challenging higher education institutions and provides strategies for how they can adapt and evolve. This report will give you insight into:

  • Why international enrollments to U.S. higher education institutions are declining
  • How chief diversity officers meet the demand for inclusivity
  • The ways institutions are adapting to survive financial instability
  • Job-critical programs that bridge the college-career gap
  • Smart targeting tactics to drive alumni donations
  • Virtual recruitment strategies that transform the prospective student experience

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