Trends in K-12 Education: 2019

2018 was a year of change for K-12 education at both the state and federal levels. With continued financial constraints and challenges in teacher and student engagement, 2019 will see increased focus on program evaluations that prioritize limited budgets, social and emotional skill training, school security, and more.

The TRENDS IN K-12 EDUCATION: 2019 report unpacks how this evolving education landscape will push schools and districts to more creatively use resources in the new year. This report will give you insight into:

  • How program evaluations have shifted to prioritize limited budgets and resources
  • The increased demand for social-emotional skills training
  • How schools are creating safe, secure, and nuturing climates
  • Ways schools are seeking to improve parental involvement
  • The increased emphasis on teacher engagement and satisfaction to combat attrition
  • The effect of a new law on greater CTE program freedom and funding
  • Strategies districts are exploring to decrease chronic and general absenteeism

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