Trends in K-12 Education: 2019

2018 was a year of change for K-12 education at both the state and federal levels. With continued financial constraints and challenges in teacher and student engagement, 2019 will see an increased focus on program evaluations that prioritize limited budgets, social and emotional skill training, school security, and more.

The TRENDS IN K-12 EDUCATION: 2019 report unpacks how this evolving education landscape will push schools and districts to more creatively use resources in the new year.

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Understand the 2019 Trends in K–12 Education

Information is ubiquitous…but knowledge, on the other hand, is in short supply. Having a trusted partner that can help sift and winnow that information and actually translate it into knowledge that is applicable on our research teams and in our schools was the key reason why we chose to partner with Hanover.

Mr. Stephen Murley, Superintendent, Iowa City Community School District

Understand how program evaluations have shifted to prioritize limited budgets and resources

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