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K-12 Education
Monitoring and supporting student attendance and engagement presented key challenges to districts as schools closed in spring 2020 due to COVID-19. According to the…
Higher Education
The COVID-19 pandemic forced colleges and universities to shift their operations abruptly in spring 2020. Administrators across the country have formed task force committees…
To understand the economic, political, and public health trajectories of the COVID-19 crisis, Hanover updates its COVID-19 Situation Report on a regular basis. After…

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B2B buyer behavior and preferences have shifted significantly during the pandemic, making it crucial for B2B organizations to update their sales and marketing strategies…
Reports & Briefs
From supply chain disruptions to workforce health concerns, manufacturers have had to adapt to a host of new changes. The pandemic has accelerated emerging…
Reports & Briefs
Long-term growth is a top priority for companies—nearly two-thirds of businesses identify growth as a top item on their executives’ agendas. However, developing a…

Higher Education Insights

K-12 Education Insights

Reports & Briefs
With COVID-19’s impact on learning loss still unclear, teachers need to adapt and revise their curriculum plans and pacing guides for Fall 2020 to…
Reports & Briefs
Faced with an uncertain financial future due to COVID-19, districts can expect to experience budgetary pressures during the 2020-21 school year and beyond. Districts…
Reports & Briefs
To give each student equal opportunity for success, district leaders across the country are prioritizing equity in their strategic planning efforts. In order to…


One of the most sought-after research infrastructure grants, the National Science Foundation (NSF) Major Research Instrumentation (MRI) program, allows institutions to acquire critical research…

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Insights Blog
A strong brand helps organizations boost revenue, capitalize on market opportunities, and compete with an increasing number of players across an expanding number of…

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