As they plan for the upcoming academic year, district leaders face additional challenges brought on by COVID-19—from ensuring device access for all students to taking effective safety precautions. To create a learning environment for Fall 2020 that meets all stakeholders’ needs, district leaders must collect student, staff, and parent perceptions of how the district has responded to the pandemic thus far.

To support districts in measuring school and district operations, Hanover Research created the 2020-2021 District Operations Survey. This survey outlines core sections that districts can measure to understand stakeholder perceptions of the district’s COVID-19 response, compiled from our review of best practice literature, resources developed by organizations dedicated to advising district operations, and trends in district operations instruments we have designed for our K-12 education clients.

Download the survey to collect stakeholder perspectives into:

  • Satisfaction with student academic supports
  • How well students’ social-emotional needs have been met
  • Efficacy of safety precautions

Download the survey today!

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