AASA – The Role of Resilience in Leadership and Culture

Resilience is a popular concept, particularly in times of crisis such as the years during and following the COVID-19 pandemic. However, resilience is rarely defined and is often confused with complementary mindsets such as grit, perseverance, and self-efficacy.1 Additionally, educational leaders have been called on to display resilient leadership with limited tools into how to develop this leadership approach. The following report reviews the empirical literature on resilience to help educational leaders understand the attitude and skill and ultimately impact district culture.
To support their mission of developing school leader capacity and building support for mental health, AASA, The School Superintendent’s Association, has partnered with Hanover Research to prepare a series of reports on the role of resilience for district and school leaders.
Hanover will follow this report, the first in a series of resilience for educational leaders, with a toolkit of actionable strategies to build resilient leadership.
Synthesizing empirical literature on resilience in education and related industries, this report includes the following sections:

  • Section I: Understanding Resilience defines resilience, examines the types of resilience and the relationship between resilience and related positive psychology concepts, and discusses factors that contribute to building resilience.
  • Section II: The Role of Resilience in Leadership examines the literature on resilient leadership and explores the impacts of educational leaders’ resilience on teachers, students, and school culture.

AASA is committed to providing district leaders access to research and resources that support their practice. 

Key Findings

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Practical Applications

Build on your personal understanding of what resilience is and is not and how to identify resilience in both your personal and professional life

Identify potential protective factors in your background, personal and district community, and professional networks that may contribute to your own resilience in different situations

Model resilience in interactions with community members in order to proactively foster resilience among teachers, students, and families

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