Best Practices for Community Engagement

School districts across the country are increasing their focus on family and community engagement, as research consistently finds that parent and family involvement is essential to student success. Specifically, research associates family and community engagement with improved student outcomes, including increased academic achievement, attendance, and graduation rates. Specifically, even districts effective at engaging the larger community may struggle to connect with harder-to-reach populations in their area.

To support a member district in the process of developing a strategic plan for community engagement, Hanover conducted secondary research and completed a best practices analysis to identify community engagement methods, including examples of successful approaches taken by peer urban districts.

The purpose of this report is to help Hanover’s member districts incorporate different forms of outreach across their diverse communities. The report includes two sections:

  • Section I: Understanding Diverse Communities describes aspects districts may consider when drafting plans to connect with diverse communities, including critical issues to the community and identifying local leaders who can help sustain relationships between their communities and school districts.
  • Section II: Best Practices for Engaging Diverse Communities highlights methods of engaging diverse and hard-to-reach communities.

Key Findings

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