Best Practices for Using Teacher Voice to Foster Innovation

A Hanover Research member district is dedicated to nurturing a positive school climate so that all students are able to learn and thrive. As part of their efforts to build and ensure a positive school climate long-term, the district strives to foster a culture of innovation, specifically by leveraging teacher voice. Research finds that centering teacher voice in the school change process leads to innovative schools that center students’ needs and provide engaging and relevant learning experiences.
The member district hopes that incorporating teacher voice in the change process will generate dynamic and continual school innovation.
To support the district in its efforts to embed innovation in school policy and culture, Hanover created this best practices report that defines innovation and outlines how to implement innovative practices through district- and teacher-led initiatives. Specifically, this report contains the following sections.

  • Section I: Components of Innovation defines innovation and outlines what innovation looks like in the private sector as well as in public education.
  • Section II: Strategies to Foster a Culture of Innovation illustrates how to implement district- and teacher-led innovation.

Key Findings

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Foster a district-wide culture of innovation to embed creative change into long-term school policy

Create opportunities for teachers to take on leadership roles and shape school practice

Provide teachers with ample opportunities to communicate and collaborate

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