Best Practices in K-12 Human Resources

A Hanover Research partner is interested in developing and improving its Human Resources (HR) practices across the district. With a relatively newly hired team of HR staff, the district has not yet developed a set of best practices for supporting hiring and recruitment efforts, staff retention, and professional development for K12 teachers and staff. Although the partner has identified the need to better educate its employees around HR practices, the district is in the early stages of implementing a uniform HR strategic plan.

To guide these initiatives, the partner has partnered with Hanover to review the secondary literature for educating employees around HR best practices. This report aims to advise HR staff on how to use data analysis to better understand staff retention, recruit and retain an effective teacher workforce, and support teachers through professional development opportunities. The partner plans to use this research to improve upon its current practices and better align its framework with research regarding best HR practices for K-12 school districts.


Hanover divides this report into two sections:

  • Section I Best Practices for Teacher Recruitment and Hiring examines strategies for strengthening teacher recruitment and the hiring process.
  • Section II – Best Practices for Data Tracking and Teacher Retention reviews strategies for teacher retention and tracking recruitment, hiring, and retention data.

Key Findings

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Develop a virtual marketing campaign and leverage the networks of currently employed staff

Start the hiring process as early in the year as possible

Complete a quantitative analysis to examine current and historic trends in key metrics around teacher recruitment

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