Bullying Prevention, Tracking, and Messaging

A Hanover Research member district in Michigan is interested in understanding trends and best practices regarding the prevention and tracking of and messaging around bullying. Hanover recently completed an Equity and Inclusion Diagnostic (survey) and Equity Scorecard (data analysis), the results of which supported leadership’s perceptions that bullying is a problem in the district.
Based on these data and leadership’s impressions, the member seeks to learn additional strategies for preventing and tracking bullying in their district and how they can optimize their messaging about bullying policies and practices to district stakeholders (e.g., staff, parents, and students).
In this report, Hanover reviews best practices regarding the prevention and tracking of and messaging around bullying based on peer-reviewed research literature, industry publications, and other relevant resources. The second section of the report also benchmarks the policies and practices among a selection of peer districts pertaining to prevention, tracking, and messaging around bullying.

Key Findings

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Ensure and communicate the fidelity of school-wide positive behavior programs to set the foundation for bullying prevention measures

Provide a transparent, web-based bullying reporting system, and use data to track instances of bullying and inform decision-making

Provide and communicate extensive bullying prevention training for teachers and staff, and ensure they have the resources and skills to both implement bullying prevention and intervene in incidents that happen in the classroom

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