Charting the Course Forward: Planning Your District Reopening Strategy Amid COVID-19

Check out our recent webinar where we discuss how district leaders are utilizing our reopening workbook.

With no clear guidance on when it will be safe to resume in-person classes, districts need multi-layered plans for:

  • Overall satisfaction with how student services have been maintained during the transition to remote learning
  • How educators are encouraging student engagement with online and remote learning materials
  • Barriers to students’ progress, such as lack of technology skills or guidance from administrators

Even as they work on a safe and smooth reopening, districts must have contingency plans in place for student support, operations and human resources, and organizational leadership to be prepared for potential new challenges (such as a second outbreak). Our new workbook, Charting the Course Forward: Planning Your District Reopening Strategy Amid COVID-19, provides interactive guides and checklists to help district leaders formulate and implement these plans at different stages of the upcoming school year.

Download the workbook to start planning for Fall 2020, with a focus on:

  • Academics and Student Support: Addressing learning loss, increases in opportunity gaps, and increased need for social-emotional supports
  • Operations and Human Resources: Revamping day-to-day operations to ensure safety and continuity of services
  • Superintendent Leadership: Collaborating with school boards to revise strategic plans and financial models

Download the workbook today! 

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