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May 2023 – Superintendents Leadership Council

The latest edition of Hanover’s Superintendents Leadership Council, co-hosted with the Washington Association of School Administrators (WASA), Michigan Association of Superintendents and Administrators (MASA), and Texas Association of School Administrators (TASA) was held on Wednesday, May 24th and focused primarily on Culture and Climate.

KEY THEMES & TAKEAWAYS – Strategies for Fostering Safe School Communities

Establish a District-Wide Definition of Safety

  • Work with students, teachers, community members, and district staff to ensure all education partners have a shared understanding of what safety entails.

Collaborate with the Local and Regional Community

  • Community collaboration brings power to safety initiatives.

Establish Protocols that Address Physical and Emotional Safety

  • Create protocols for preventing and responding to physical and emotional threats.
  • Collect and respond to safety data regularly.

Create a District-Wide Culture of Safety and Belonging

  • Embed rituals throughout the year that celebrate mental health.
  • Create change slowly and strategically to obtain education partner and board buy-in.


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Speakers Include:

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Hanover’s monthly meetings are valuable, convenient, and instructive. I gain wisdom and support from the field every time I join. To hear from authentic, humble, and successful superintendents is critical as we continue to "muddle through" this challenging time. We gain strength from collective commitment and communication about the challenges, solutions, and questions.

Dr. Mary Templeton, Superintendent, Washougal School District

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