Research Brief: Conducting an Equity Audit

School districts across the country are increasingly focused on breaking down system-level inequities. With many recent high-profile cases of police brutality and ongoing confrontations targeting Black individuals, the national conversation is emphasizing a greater understanding and development of equity. Conversations related to equity may range from dialogue about building cultural competencies to becoming an advocate for the recognition of privilege and the impact it has on marginalized groups. Some districts are focused on socio-economic inequities, while others are focused on racial and ethnic inequities, and still others include inequities of gender, sexual orientation, religion, nationality, or language. Further, equity within a school district setting is not limited to students alone – it also includes the experiences of school and district staff, administrators, parents, and community members.

While many educators aspire to cultivate an equitable teaching and learning environment, most are unsure of the practices and policies to achieve such an environment. Equity audits provide leaders with actionable information about the degree of equity that exists or is lacking within its schools and district.


This document provides background on the academic literature surrounding equity audits and highlights research studies and projects that districts can commission as part of an equity audit.


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